Print Placement                 Link                                

Yahoo! Finance                                                         

CBS MarketWatch                      

San Francisco Chronicle           

Boston Globe                                                            

Houston Chronicle                                             

Cincinnati Enquirer                    

LA Daily News                             

Lexington Herald-Leader                              

Oakland Tribune                                                                                                               

The Roanoke Star-Sentinel                               

Accent On Tampa Bay        

CITY Sun Times         

The Chronicle

Idaho Senior Independent          

The Downey Patriot 

ABC 6 Philadelphia                    

Community News – Lodi                   

Paxton Herald

Hesperia Resorter

ABC 7 New York                         

The Parklander             

Asian American Press

Community News – Garfield Wallington                                   #3                 #2                

Venice Gondolier

Community News – Elmwood Park Saddle Brook                 

The News Reporter

CBS 4 Minneapolis                     

Community News – Fair Lawn         

The Daily Herald                                              

 The Union Daily Times

CBS 2 Los Angeles                              

Collision Expert

St Clair Washington Missourian

West Sacramento Press

Apple Valley News Extra

CBS 4 Boston                               


Shelburne News

The Adelanto Bulletin

The Jenna Times

The News-Herald

The Weakley County Press                             

Montevideo American News                            #2                                                                            

Julian News                    

ABC 7 Chicago                            

Tower News

Mountaintop Eagle

Anza Valley Outlook Valley News                                           

Have Dog Blog Will Travel         #2                                                                                


*** These links can move or disappear after a certain amount of time (usually 30-60 days) so you

should take screenshots of them to be saved as PDFs for future marketing purposes.  Those are some

great outlets to be associated with!  I encourage you to read this article by Marsha laying out how to

best utilize the media exposure we’ve gotten for you:




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